Our Commitment to a Cleaner & Greener World

Solar Powered Jobsite Cameras

These solar powered cameras allow many of our project managers an alternative to checking in on their project that cuts down on their vehicle travel, while still maintaining a close eye on their projects.


The choice of a concrete building system and construction creates over 19 points towards LEED designation.

Carbon Cure

By injecting a precise dose of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is recycled from our industrial emitter, into our concrete mixes; the CO2 chemically converts into a nano-scale calcium carbonate mineral that is permanently embedded in the concrete. This new technology improves the concrete’s compressive strength allowing us to maintain our strength requirements while reducing our cement content.
Carbon Cure

Reuse Water

By reusing our water at the plant facility Conewago can reduce the overall quantity of water needed.

Washouts for Concrete Trucks

Using concrete reclamation devices in our washouts bays allows the separation of the sand and stone from the concrete for reuse.

Increased Thermal Mass

Used for our precast concrete wall, increased thermal mass and reduction in R-value helps to achieve operational savings in heating and cooling. Studies indicate that heating loads can be reduced by up to 70% and cooling up to 4% annually. Our precast moderates also help to improve the daily and preventative maintenance needed on the structure.

In our plants and facilities:

We crush and recycle concrete
We recycle water
We reclaim sand
We recycle steel
Waste oil is converted to energy for heating our plants
We reclaim wood during demolition projects and turn it into mulch

At Conewago, we are committed to being Stewards of our Environment, to Preserving our Communities, and to being Good Neighbors.

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