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Our Precast is the quality-tested, energy efficient and sustainable choice!

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PCI Certified

Precast Concrete Quality Tested in-house in a 131,000 sq ft manufacturing facility

Conewago Precast concrete, both quality monitored and tested by in-house Quality Control and PCI annual audits, has grown to a 131,000 sq ft manufacturing facility producing insulated sandwich panels, freezer panels, and architectural precast panels. Our construction systems are used in churches, distribution centers, food processing facilities, environmental projects, gymnasiums, hospitals, hotels, medical centers, office complexes, retail shopping centers, and warehouses. Of these facilities a few loyal customers include: Wegman Foods and Bell & Evans.

PCI Mid-Atlantic

Our Precast clients benefit from our ability to provide an aggressive and rapid construction schedule

Eliminating 2 to 6 months from a construction schedule not only creates a substantial contribution to any project’s financial bottom line but also serves to eliminate pesky weather delays. Another benefit of our precast concrete is fire protection; fire sprinkler systems can be reduced in many buildings with the use of fire walls, which are our insulated concrete walls rated for up to 2 hours of fire protection.

In our plant, we can produce over 110,750 sq ft of concrete precast panels a week

Including custom finishes, colors, and unique material combinations with brick veneers. Learn first-hand by touring our plant and learning how our concrete craftsmen, building experts and automated machines will help you exceed the goals of your next building.

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Nottingham Ridge Building I & II

Conewago Manufacturing Steel/Precast Erector Project - Nottingham Ridge - Atapco

Nottingham Ridge Building I & II located in White Marsh, MD, was a two-warehouse facility construction project of which our company was subcontracted by our sister company Conewago Enterprises, Inc. to manufacture and erect the wall panels