Ready Mix Concrete

Better quality ready mix concrete produced by certified technicians

Conewago’s Ready-Mix Concrete is known for its consistent quality, durability, and sustainability.

Our extensive knowledge of concrete design and use of admixtures and fiber, gives us capabilities to design a concrete mix to your specific needs; and with our fleet of rear and front discharge trucks that service commercial and residential clients, we are capable of delivery a quality product in a timely duration.

Our fully automated and computer-controlled system is capable of producing over 100 cubic yards per hour

Conewago manufacturing produces National Ready-Mix Association (NRMA) certified concrete. Our plant output is constantly monitored, in the plant and onsite, by certified technicians for both quality and adherence to specific and precise mixtures.

Conewago’s Rotabelt System

Our truck mounted 53’ telescoping Rota-Belt system is capable of delivering concrete a full 205°, and covering a 5,812 sq ft area. Thus, effectively doubling the delivery area of a standard rig.

Our commitment to sustainability

CarbonCure™ Technology

CarbonCure™ Technology injects a precise dose of carbon dioxide (CO2) recycled from an industrial emitter into concrete during mixing. Once introduced to the mix, the CO2 chemically converts into a nano-scale calcium carbonate mineral and becomes permanently embedded in the concrete. The process improves the concrete’s compressive strength, which enables concrete producers to reduce their cement content while maintaining strength requirements.

CarbonCure™ Downloads

Technical Note – CarbonCure Durability Assessment Report

LEED Fact Sheet – CarbonCure Ready Mix

Concrete Fibers

CarbonCure Ready Mix One Pager for Designers

CarbonCure Case Studies

CarbonCure – Specifications

FAQ – Engineers

FAQ – Designers

FAQ – Contractors

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Washouts for Concrete Trucks

Using concrete reclamation devices in our washouts bays allows the separation of the sand and stone from the concrete for reuse.

Water Filtration (Filter Press)

Cleans and lowers pH of recycled water to be re-used back in the production of concrete.

Concrete Calculator

Not sure how much concrete you need? Calculate your required concrete yardage below.

Total Cubic Yards of Concrete Needed 

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Evapco Inc.

Conewago Manufacturing Ready-Mix Project - Evapco Inc.

Evapco located in Taneytown, MD has been a loyal client of all the Conewago divisions and companies throughout both organizations’ existences. Our ready-mix services were used on their new facility located across the street from their headquarter facility, where we supplied our services from May of 2017 through September of 2017 on the site and building areas including the floor slab.