Innovative & cost-effective Verti-Block retaining walls are the perfect combination of beauty and durability

Conewago Precast is proud to be an Authorized Manufacturer and Supplier of Verti-Block Retaining Walls

Our Verti-Blocks are an attractive alternative for a retaining wall with cost-effective aspects. The innovative design of our block, consisting of hollow-interlocking members, which are perfectly proportioned, allow for unparalleled strength, and easy installation with smaller sized equipment. Thus, changing the cost and time produced for a retaining wall.

We Support Commercial & Residential Clients

Our Verti-Block services offer an ideal solution for gravity walls up to 14’ high, with potential higher heights with the use of reinforcement.

With our inventory of ready-made Verti-Blocks time taken for production can be eliminated.


We are very excited to announce our newest partnership with ‘Stone Bro Landscaping Stone.’ Stone Bro Landscaping Stone is the largest servicer of stone for all landscaping types in the state of Maryland. We are excited for this partnership as our verti-block fit perfectly into their landscaping industry. Support our new partnership for all your stone and retaining wall needs.

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Conewago Manufacturing Verti-Block Project - Clarksburg

The Clarksburg, MD Outlets is the location of this retaining wall project. Completion of project was in 2015