February 12

Precast Erector


The Precast Erector is responsible for raising, placing and uniting concrete wall panels, spandrels, and columns to form completed structures or structural frameworks. Completes the task at hand in a safe manner while helping to keep the job on schedule.

The Precast Erector must have experience in connecting concrete structures, and be willing and able to travel and work out of town. The Precast Erector is also expected to be comfortable and able to work at varying heights.

Job Duties:

  • Safety
  • Immediately report all accidents, incidents and near misses occurring on the job site to your supervisor.
  • Report all safety and health hazards to supervisors and take necessary actions to establish an immediate temporary control of the hazard until permanent control can be established.
  • Maintain and utilize all PPE provided.
  • Attend and participate in all required safety training and meetings.
  • Learn and comply with all safety rules, policies and regulations applicable to your work.
  • Work safely in a manner as to ensure your safety as well as the safety of those around you.
  • Follow all safety rules.
  • Precast Erection
  • Connect columns, spandrels, and wall panels with bolts, following blueprints and instructions from supervisors.
  • Pull, push or pry structural concrete members into proper positions.

Works cooperatively with the Foreman and other team members.