Ready Mix Concrete

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Conewago’s Ready Mix Concrete is known for its consistent quality, dependability, durability, and sustainability.

Our fully automated and computer controlled system is capable of producing over 100 cubic yards per hour of National Ready Mix Association certified concrete. Plant output is constantly monitored by certified technicians for both quality and adherence to specific and precise mixtures or “recipes”. Quality analysis is conducted onsite in our testing facilities within the Ready Mix plant.

Ready Mix ConcreteThese operations are at the very heart of our manufacturing operations supporting our precast concrete plant operations adjacent to the plant. The support of our field operations takes place with a steady flow of front and rear discharge trucks.

Some of the biggest advantages to our Conewago Ready Mix operations are:

  • Better quality concrete is assured in the project due to extensive testing
  • Computer controls enable precise mix designs including aggregate blending
  • Architectural concrete can be achieved in a full range of colors and textures due to automated color system; and GPS tracking so dispatchers have better control over delivery times.

On larger projects, Conewago can deploy its portable central mix plant directly to the site.  In these projects, the concrete is placed within minutes of mixing.  Such speed offers real and important advantages during cold winters and hot summers.  Also, there is a much better flow of concrete and on site performance because all traffic issues are removed from the equation.  In the end it is a much greener application.

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RM Certifications / Memberships

  • NRMCA Plant and Truck Certified
  • 2017 NRMCA Quality Award Winner